Coombe Castle – Fiery Spice.


I begin my tasting journey with this cheese from the United Kingdoms in part due to the company slogan “Adventures in Dairy.”

I was tempted by all the different Coombe Castle cheeses, but settled on the Fiery Spice.

In part because I love cheddar, love spicy, and had already planned to eat jalapeno smokies for supper, so figured this would complement that plan perfectly. (It did.)

Here is their description found on the website.

“Can you handle the heat? A pretty, colorful mix of fiery chili and peppers give this cheese a flaming kick of heat. With over 200 types of chili: from the mouth, eye and nose watering to the gentle and flavoursome. We have selected a mix of both these chilies, added them to mild British cheddar to create a chili cheese with a heated punch of spices. If you like your cheese hot, head to the Castle!”

I love the Coombe castle website, and will defiantly be spending some time playing around on it. It is chalked full of cheese recipes, I am excited about trying 1 for this cheese. (But I am having a hard time controlling the temptation of eating it straight up before I get the chance.)

This cheese is spicy, but not stupid spicy drowning out the cheese flavour. But if you can’t handle heat, don’t bother giving it a try.




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