Cahill’s Irish Porter Cheddar


(Not my image)

I chose an Irish cheese for the third week of March in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (naturally.) I Purchased the Cahill Irish Porter Cheese at my local Co-op Deli cheese counter.

Here is the official description from the Cahill’s website.

“This brown waxed gourmet cheese truckle is the original and definitive Irish Plain Porter Cheese. Each brown waxed truckle is individually handcrafted with plain Irish porter, brewed by Guinness in their Dublin at their Dublin premises since 1759. This cheese is perfect as an hors D’Oeuvre when sliced and served with a tossed salad. It is equally as good when served as a centre piece on an after dinner cheese board.”

The cheese has a slightly sweet flavor without losing the cheddar flavor. It is simply beautiful when sliced, but loses some of its charm when cooked. Next time I am preparing a cheese platter this will be a focal point addition.


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