My name is Carrie, and I am addicted to cheese. After a frustrating day, it is my drug of choice. Sometimes paired with wine or beer, but that is a different issue entirely.

I stood in front of the deli cheese counter at my local store. It had been a hard day, frustrating week, overwhelming month. It maybe “wrong” to stuff my feeling down with food, but that is exactly what I intended to do. I pondered “what would be my cheese?” The one I would use to melt all my problems away.

I was overwhelmed, unsure which cheese to choose. I grabbed the snowdell “Green Thunder” cheese.

But when I started eating it, I realize this is not a cheese I enjoy. Worse, I had previously bought it, so I should have known.

I know in the big scheme of things this is a minor problem, really it is no problem at all. But as I sat in my car picking at my disappointing cheese I realized that I need a personal cheese database which will be available to me while standing perplexed at the cheese counter.

Viola- Carrie’s Cheese blog.

The mission is to buy a different cheese each week for the next year, record my “feelings” concerning it. And possible find a bigger better purpose in life besides simply eating cheese, and telling cheesy jokes. But that may be a tab too ambitious of a goal.





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